Saturday, March 21, 2009

AWWW Mom...

I wanted my posting to start getting published everyday at 6:00A.M as you can see yesterday that didn't even happen & today it's late! I'm so mad! My Mommy says she is exhausted & is ready to give up on the job hunt as no one is really hiring anyway, & the only people who have contacted her have been scammers. Listen bloggers, my pals, today my Mommy has NO PLANS but to help me visit EVERY SINGLE blog pal of mine! I'm sorry I haven't been around life has just been hectic over here, I know, I know, y'all are gonna say, "Eduardo you don't have to apologize we'll be here when your not busy." or something along the lines of that. But I just want to apologize because I feel like I've been neglecting y'all. YES I said it, I FEEL like I've been NEGLECTING my blogging pals & for this I ask for your forgiveness! I'm going to start cracking the whip on my Mommy & put her on a timeline, work this this much.................!
Mommy note: I have been stressed, but blogging is my stress reliever. I enjoy reading your blogs & am so happy that y'all read mine! I know everything will balance out soon.


Suzuki said...

Awwww Eduardo & Eduardo's Mummy... Don't give up on the job hunt or the posting problems. Everything will be ok and we still love you :)
Big licks to you

Abby said...

Hi, Eduardo...

Tell your Mom not to give up on the job hunting...The right job just hasn't come along yet...She will find it...

Hey...Did your Dad get the bee out of the cabinet?

Abby xxxooo

Amber-Mae said...

It is not easy to search for a job. My Hooman M has struggled for years too but to no avail. Maybe it's because of her age, I don't know. But tell your Mommy to keep trying. There's bound to be someone out there who will want her. I have been neglecting everybuddy's blog too. So today, I'm doing it!

Belly jiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

Wow you are a tough boss Eduardo - but I'm sure a very snuggly one too!

Gus said...

Eduardo...please tell your Mummy that finding the right job takes time, even when things are going great! We don't know what she wants to do, but maybe she should think about looking in Craigs List ( for ideas or even "occasional" jobs where she could work a couple days, then work on her job hunt?

Don't get discouraged. Your mummy loves you, but sometimes hoomans get their priorities screwed up.


Chase said...

Eduardo, tell your mom not to stress and that blogging is waaaay more fun than working anyways... and thank you SO much for the info about fixing my bloggie...i appreciate it!

Sniffs and licks,


Agatha and Archie said...

Little buddy,tell your Mom not to get too stressed....(thank goodness you are there to help) And not to worry about ignoring blogs......The peeps all have lots of stuff to do and we all understand......That is why we all love each other! Love and a million kisses A+A

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Both of us understand the frustration!

Just be sure to snugglepuggle your mom all woo khan!


Anonymous said...

hi Eduardo! (and mommy)

we understand what it like to be stressed out...job hunting is tough. I'm glad that you can relax and have fun blogging together! make sure you give mommy lots of extra snuggles today :)

puggle power!

Mason Dixie said...

Do not give up on the hunt yet, the right job will come along. And of course there are no worries at all, we all forgive your absence on here no need to fret.

Pugsley said...

Hi Edaudro-

Just give your mom lots of puggle kisses and I am sure she will feel less stress:) There must be something up with moms this week. My mom discovered the world of Facebook, so she has spent less time helping me visit my friends blogs:( I am gonna have to crack the whip on my mom too!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

with love, Madison said...

Job hunting right now is a b#*&H! H-Mom totally understands. She has been emailing her resume out and looking for something wonderful, but it seems like no one is really interviewing, even if they have a job posted, because she is getting NO CALLS. None at all. Just keep at it. Remember that looking for a job is a full time job, lol. It just doesn't pay all that great. Trolling the blogs is a great stress-reliever, too, especially if you do it WITH the dog-at-hand.

Stella said...

One thing about writing on the blogs that you have lost your job and can't find another one, is that there are SOOOOO many others in the same boat. My mom has been retired for several many years but she says job hunting is the most demeaning thing there is.

Good luck to you, and just take one day at a time!


Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh Eduard - I feel so bad for your mom. I hope that she will get the PERFECT job, very soon. In the mean time, please give her lots of extra doggie kisses. She needs them right now.

Joe Stains said...

We are sure everything will work out but we will send lots of job hunting vibes.

Moco said...

Totally forgiven (even though we don't think you need it).
Job hunting is exhausting. Tell your mom to just keep trying. She will find the perfect job.
We are glad that you are able to visit.

Daisy said...

Did you know you can schedule your posts in advance? Just set the date and time for your post (say, 3/22 at 6:00 am) and press publish. It will publish on your blog when that date and time arrives! It's great for when you are going to be out of town on vacation.

I hope your mom finds the perfect job soon!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eduardo!
Tell your mom not to stress! It takes time but she will find a good job!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Dear Eduardo and Eduardo's Mom, please do not worry. We know how stressful job-hunting can be. Mom sold her business in Florida 3 years ago. When we moved to Georgia she had to job hunt for the first time in over 30 years and it was just awful!

In the end, nobody wanted to hire Mom because she owned her on business for so long, so Mom decided to start another business almost 2 years ago.

Mom says blogging is a great stress reliever! We highly recommend naps.

Girasol said...

tell your mommy: don't give up!!! I send you some good vives!!!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Tell your mom not to give up, Eduardo! The perfect job is out there for her! She'll find it - she will! We think she might need an extra hug or two from you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

Snuggle with Mommy, restore her Zen...
-Kira the beaWootiful

Chef said...

The right job will come along. Just don't let your mommy get discouraged. Snuggle lots with her, Eduardo!


Yogui said...

Daddy say your mom must catch a Holiday... of us ;-D

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

blogging is our mom's stress reliever too! We love to visit our friends every day, sometimes a couple hours are gone by before we know it!
Our boy is finishing grad school and is having a hard tome getting interviews. He's lucky, he's got a couple, many of his friends have none.
That second picture of you is sooooo cute!

The OP Pack said...

Hang in there, times are tough, but it will get better. Keep thinking positive. We will still visit you and we totally understand.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Suzuki said...

Hi Eduardo
I am aware you are already a "taken" man but if you have any friends who are lookin' fur love they should stop by my blog as my brother Scooby has started a new "business". Come by and check it out when you get a chance.
Big licks to you

Karen Jo said...

Tell your Mom not to give up on the job hunt yet, Eduardo. I know that it's stressful and exhausting, but she needs to keep looking. I find that blogging is a great stress-reliever, too.

Mango said...

Normally I would tell your mom to take a break, but it sounds like she is in need of bloggy therapy. You are a good life coach, Eduardo.


Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Our mom is having the same job hunting problems! She gave up through the holidays hoping it might be better after the first of the year. No such luck! Good thing she stays busy with her antique booth and that Ebay thingy!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Eduardo
Looking for a job, is like having a full time job. Tell your mom not to give up, she'll find a job.
Love Ruby & Penny

Dennis the Vizsla said...

It's a tough time to be looking for a job that's for sure. Good luck!

Hey, my CAPTCHA word for this comment is "whines" -- appropriate for a dog blog isn't it? LOL!

River said...

Everything will be better. And you know we all are out here and will help all we can!

love & wags,

Bae Bae said...

I hope your mom will get a pawsome job offer soon. :)

~ Bae

Comet and BLU said...

Eduardo and your mom,
Don't stress out about missing blog time. Sometimes life happens and you need to use your energy elsewhere. Job hunting is really hard and draining - especially now. We'll send positive vibes your way for you and your mom.

Martha Basset said...

Hi Eduardo
We stopped leaving comments every day cos we could see how many you get. It becomes very hard to keep up with everybody.
Our mum agrees that the blogging is relaxing and indeed helps with stress - but only when you and your mum feel up to it. Please dont feel you have to!
Life is hard enought...........
All our love
Martha & Bailey xx

Bruschi said...

Hi Eduardo! Tell your mommy not to be discouraged! Thousands of people are in her same position right now....she just needs to stay positive and know that when the right job comes along, she will know it!
In the meantime, keep on snuggling with her and giving her extra loving!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Aniemother said...

We hope you and your mom had a nice and relaxing blogreading day!

Bajas & Virus

Skitto, Peanut and Chyanne said...

Boy our mommy knows that feeling, stress! She says her problem is that blogging will sometimes cause her stress, because she feels so obligated to drop and comment and sometimes it is just so overwhelming for her, she cries.

BTW mommy put your button on our blog.