The Lowdown

Here's the lowdown on me!
My full name is Eduardo Johnson Boy, Mommy adds the Boy! when I'm in trouble! I prefer to go by Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle, as it is who I am & what I do!
I was born on Oct. 08 2007. My pawrents brought me home on Nov. 24 2007.
My pawrents names are Ana & Ray.
I get a shower(with my Mommy, because it calms me) every week or sooner if I go to the Bark Park!
I can do many tricks!
I have an on-line girlfriend named Roxy, so no ladies you can't have me! I'm taken!
I let my Mommy know when she has a seizure! She loves me for it, well I think she loves me regardless of it.
I get my teeth brushed every night. Beef tooth paste is yummy!
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