Monday, August 25, 2008

New Things

Finally some new things! I've got my love Roxy! It took awhile & a whole lot of wooing, I had to talk to my uncles & get some tips on what to do but they didn't give me any good ideas. I asked my Daddy & he said for me to make a video similar to the one at Mommy & Daddy's wedding. What a great idea I said! So I enlisted the help of my mother & we made the video. Also my Grandma Shirley bought my Mommy a new camera from a yard sale for super cheap! The people thought something was wrong with it because it continuously shut off when they turned it on(alkaline batteries cause that in digital cameras) it just needed lithium batteries! Ha! Nice new camera for super cheap! Here is some of the pictures we have taken with it so far.As you can see in that picture I have a new stuffie, it's one of my Mommy's old stuffies that she used to sleep with & now I snuggle with it! I also learned a new trick, it's not perfect yet but we are getting there.

Also my Mommy & Daddy have been walking around talking about a new vet, I don't know what they're talking about, I've been to the vet once when I was very small, I don't remember much just a lot of pinches in my butt! They keep saying you have a appointment tomorrow. I don't think I wanna meet this vet guy, what the heck do you do at a vet? From what I've read at everyone else's blogs the vet is a very bad place, but Mommy keeps saying this guy is going to make sure I'm okay & healthy, Daddy said if I'm a good boy he will let me have a WHOLE dental bone when we get home, it seems like a win win. Some one tell me, is this vet guy going to hurt me?

Finally, my Daddy bought me some new treats, Daddy usually gets me really cheap treats, I don't complain though I eat them just fine! However Daddy surprised me & Mommy when he came home with these: Milk-Bone Dog Treats!

I did that "Bang your dead!" trick without a push from my Mommy when I got a whiff of that treat!

Mommy has heard some scary stories about greenies & told Daddy that she didn't want any part of them! But Daddy said my breath stinks and my teeth could be whiter so he got these: Iams Tartar Treats

They are not as hard as greenies, my Mommy only gives me one half at a time because Daddy got the biggest size they had for some reason, and Mommy watches me like a hawk when I'm eating it. She also makes sure I thoroughly chew every piece! You don't want to know what she will do if I don't! I have to eat my Tartar treat in an open area & my Daddy is like, "leave him alone, let him enjoy his treat." Then my Mommy gets so upset she just cares too much! She always says,"You don't know, he could swallow a piece way to big & I need to be here in case he does!" I love my Mommy but she is a little over protective.


Mack said...

My mom is so overprotective she is driving me NUTS!!

Milk bones rock, don't they???

Deetz said...

Those are my favorite treats! They have little ones and big ones for big dogs like me. I eat like 20 a day.
The video was great! How funny all the camera needed was different batteries. You mum is soooo smart!

River said...

You can't be too careful! Oprah lost one of her dogs because of a tennis ball. Better to have your mom watching over you. Glad you got the camera working. Whew, weather is getting ready to DRENCH us--3-5 in. of rain. Mom says we're all in and we have a new roof. Did you get some of Fay's rain down there?

love & wags,

Moco said...

That is one good trick. Enjoy your treats even if you are watched closely. Better to have someone who cares so much about you than someone who doesn't.
Don't you wonder why people don't read the instructions with items they buy sometimes.

Willow the Black Dale said...

Eduardo....that is a mommy's job ya be over protective. My mommy is totally like that too. We have to eat in our crates so she can watch us eat and make sure we don't cheat and eat the other ones food. She is NO fun I tell you! NO FUN!!! We won't even go into the treat issue....sheesh!

Oh the V-E-T well they do have their good sides. Like when they are walking out of the room!!! teehee No really my V-E-T is a nice guy. I have a few that work at the clinic I go to. They help you stay healthy. Although the shots are rotten!!!!


Puddleglum said...

I'm back!

MILK BONES!! Big Brother is a Westie, so Mom and Dad have a weakness for Caesar and Milk Bone treats. I LOVE 'EM!

Don't worry, Eduardo. The vet might pinch a little bit, but the humans love us and wouldn't take us there if it weren't for the best.

I eat Greenies for my breath. I asked Dad about the scary stuff, and he said that a lot of that was an old formula they used for making the treats. But hey-- if your pawrents don't like the idea, why bother?

Of course, if you beg, they can't say no-- humans never can!

Oh, and congrats on Roxy! You two are so cute.

The Devil Dog said...

Well, after reading the story about the pug who ate the nyla-bone, I think your mom is just being super careful.
It is nice to know that you are so intelligent and can do so many treats. That is always a good thing. Mom has been showing EVERYONE the video, and they all think it is the cutest thing. Except for you.


the 4 Bs said...

hi Eduardo, that's a great trick that you learned. you're good at it too.

we love Milk Bones. aren't they the best treats ever!

we have to sympathize with your mommy on your dental chews. we used to get greenies, but no more, after our mom found whole big greeny chuncks in our poop. not good. so just make sure you chew chew chew it into all little bits and pieces.

hey, congrats on the new camera too. your mom is smart to know that thing about the batteries.


Joe Stains said...

That is a good trick, I hate tricks, even if there are treats involved. There are milkbones that have Boston Terriers on the box!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hi Eduardo...we love ur bloggie!!! Those milk bones are so yummy!!! Our mom's protective's the nurturing in them...they can't help it!

Our favorite treats are those fake bacon pieces...but we don't get them very often!!!

We're gonna add you to our pack list if that's ok???


Lacie, Scruffy and Babystan

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eduardo!
Good deal with that camera!
Like someone says... trash for your... treasure for me!
Yummy treats!
My mom watches me very closely when I have a treat too! They do that because they love us too much!
Kisses and hugs

The Devil Dog said...

What I meants was, The only thing the video is not cuter than is YOU! Sorry to be confusing.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

That just shows how much your mom loves you.

Boy n baby

Deetz said...

Hi Eduardo
I hope your mum is feeling better and hasn't had anymore seizures. I am sure you make her feel ALOT better by snuggling with her. I love your video, I watch it over and over again
Just wanted to let you know I was thinkin about you and your mummy

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Your mom is just worried about you and doesn't want anything bad to happen to you..
Great video..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Abby said...

Hi, Eduardo...

My Mom is over protective too...She still won't let me have rawhide bones, cuz I tried to swallow one whole when I was al puppy...

You know lots of neat tricks...My Mom is gonna take me to school to learn some, too...

Abby xxxooo

Sami & Baylee said...

Eduardo I loved the video! You are just adorable!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Eduardo!

I'm Scottie...nice to meet you! Wow,those new treats look super yummy! Glad to hear you enjoyed them! Will be checking back soon!


Simba said...

My Mummy is the same, don't give Simba that, we need to keep an eye on him when he has that. I suppose its good they love us so much.

Simba x