Friday, July 11, 2008

Poor Baby...

Okay, guess what... I posted a blog about my baby in June, about how much I love my baby and how I need her before I can go to sleep at night. Well to make a long story short Daddy made me mad & I took it out on she's missing an eye. Poor Baby....
Mommy said, "Eduardo, what did you do to Baby?" I tried to pretend I wasn't there, Mommy decided that this is a classic pic. Mommy couldn't find baby's eye to sew it back on, that's because I ate it!!


Bruschi said...

Oh Eduardo! you are funny! you ate the baby's eye! haha
I hide my head in shame like that too when I get into works like a charm!

Bruschi the Puggle

Preston said...

oh Eduardo, I usual go for the squeaker first, if the stuffy doesn't have one, I go for the eyes!
I gave my mommy a "i-am-so-sorry" look too when she asks "Preston, did you do this?" hee hee


Clover said...

Hi Eduardo!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! You sure are a cute little fella. Let's be friends!
Love Clover xo
P.S. So sorry about Baby...but I bet her eye tasted good!!

CoCo said...

Eduardo... you are just like my roommate Duke, he goes for the eyes first too...especially if they are the solid hard ones. I also pretend I'm innocent when my Mama ask "what did you do??!!" I'll usually hide my snout in shame too! You are too cute. I hope your Mama watches your poo for Baby's eye...hee, hee!


Georgeous said...

I've never swallowed an eye but I figure you should watch out for your poopy, it might be watching you.
Love 'n' Snuffs

Maggie & Mitch said...

Hi Eduardo!
Thanks for stopping by our blog!
What a cute baby you have! We guess seeing as she only has one eye, she'll always be winking at you!
We love new friends! Feel free to link to us!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bumbler said...

Hi Eduardo always glad to meet a new friend! I can't count the toys I have destroyed (and partly devoured to boot! that was fun a day or two later let me tell ya!) I have one toy that I haven't torn apart (yet) and I've had it for over six months. That's a long time for me. I'll link you on my blog too.

your puggle pal

wally said...

Ha! I like to kill the stuffies too. Have you ever tried a Cuz? They're pretty sturdy rubber toys and the squeak. I'm not a fan of rubber toys but my baby brudder (a shepherd) still has his.

wally t.

Simba said...

oh Eduardo!! I know the feeling...I have some stuffies that are missing limbs too!!