Saturday, July 12, 2008

Block Head

I have destroyed lots of stuffies, here's a few

and a few plastic toys, here's one
Almost as soon as I've gotten them, they're done for, sometimes a couple of days later. But I made record time today! Mommy talked Daddy into getting me a
plastic toy called "Block Head". No more than 20 seconds later I had already torn the corner of the head off!
Daddy said "No more new toys for you Eduardo!" Mommy fussed at Daddy for fussing at me & told Daddy, "All dogs destroy their toys, it's what they do!" I have to say, I gotta great Mommy!
The only toys that are not completely destroyed are: Baby, my rope toy, & a racket ball that I got when I was a puppy! I love to play fetch with that racket ball! Anyway, my Mommy wants to know if anyone has any good doggie toy suggestions? Maybe a toy that can withstand my need to destroy?


River said...

Hi Eduardo,
I saw your comment on Gus the Heeler's site and wanted to stop in and say arooo! I live in north Georgia in the mts. Can we be friends? I'd like to add you to my list of furfriends.

love & wags,

CoCo said...

Eduardo, you are a true Puggle. I do the exact same thing with my toys. My profession reads: "Professional Stuffie Toy Destroyer" for a reason. I only like squeakable soft toys...the hard rubber ones are no fun at all.

My Mama and I suggest the following toys that have endured my chompers and are still in tact:
-Fat Cat Brand Dog Toys, comes in all shapes and sizes. I especially like "Mean Kitty" and "Jackrabbit."
-Kong's Wubba

My Daddy has a tendency to throw away my chewed up and destroyed toys, but never ever replaces them. My Mama is the one that is good at replacing my toys with new ones. We have great Mamas!

Good luck in getting new toys!


Turbo the Sibe said...

Destruction is good!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eduardo!
Sounds like you are a good toy destroyer!
I've never done that to a toy but looks fun... I have to try it!
Kisses and hugs

Sami & Baylee said...

Nice to meet you Eduardo! Thank you for linking to my blog! I will add a link to your blog on my page too! I too love to pull all the stuffing out of my toys! You need to tell your daddy that it is okay if you chew up your toys because my mommy says that my toys I can chew them up all I want and is so happy that I don't chew things up that aren't allowed to be chewed! You need something that you can chew up, hee hee! You have a smart mommy and she is so right about us doggies chewing up our toys!


River said...

I'd love to come to your birthday pawty!

Hmm. Now my mom needs to figure out when MY birthday is so I can have a pawty, too.

love & wags,

Peanut said...

Hi Eduardo;

I like to destroy my toys too. Mostly I just destroy my stuffies. I have had good luck with a couple of latex toys with squeakers (i.e. rubber chicken-if no one in your house has allergies they work well). I also like rope toys too, my Kong (regular red Kong), and other soft rubber squeaker toys like the Cuz family of toys. Like Coco I have had a couple of the Fat Cat toys too like Mean Kitty and the Alligator.

Good luck finding some new toys! XOXO Peanut

Sparky said...

I haven't had a stuffie in the longest time. It's 'cause I eat all the stuffing, and then poop it out! I'm just a chewer by nature. My favorite toy right now is a hard plastic dinosaur. I've already taken his head and tail off.

The Zoo Crew said...

Hi Eduardo! Thanks for stopping by our blog. We're masters of toy destruction around here too!!!

Kai and crew

Maggie & Mitch said...

Mom is always on the lookout for toys we can't destroy too! We agree with Coco about the FatCat toys! We also haven't been able to destroy our udder tug:
and Nylabones take us awhile to chew through too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bruschi said...

Hi Eduardo,
I destroy just about all of my toys and my daddy gets upset and mommy just buys me new ones. My favorite toys are stuffies that I can tear a limb off and then start removing all the stuffing right away! Sometimes I try to hide it but the leftover stuffing on my chin usually give it away! HAHA
I don't have any good suggestions for toys because I manage to tear all of mine up. My daddy even bought me a firehose toy made of Kevlar which is supposed to be indestructible......I guess they never tested it on puggles!! :)
Love, Bruschi

Clover said...

Hi Eduardo!
I love toys - mostly ropes, balls & small stuffies that I can carry around, or big ones that I can shake.
I don't destroy a lot of things, except for nylabone chews and stuffies that have weak stiches. :)
One thing that I would recommend is a holee-roller. It is nice and rubbery, and I don't think it is easy to rip. It is SO fun to chase and throw around.
Cuz toys are great too, same kind of rubber.
Rope toys work for me - I am not sure if other doggies rip them up?
And lastly, the best toy ever (although it might be one that you only play with under supervision since I accidentally ripped mine) is a Hide-a-Squirrell. Google it! :)
Love Clover xo

The Airechicks said...

Hello Eduardo:

Very nice to meet you - Thanks for stopping by our blog.

Tell Dad - your a working Puggle and being a "TOY TESTER" is very hard work and sometimes toys just have to be TORN up to bring pubic awareness to toys not made so well...they could be dangerous Dad might step on one in the middle of the night and hurt himself...

Make like it's all about Dad....


Cubby said...

You are just like my sister, Dakota. She gets Nylabones as toys.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Eduardo,
Thanks so much for visiting our blog. We'll add a link to your blog on ours too. Most doggies destroy the plastic type toys, it's just a doggy thing, hehehehe. Mama buys us mainly plush toys or the real hard rubber type toys that you are supposed to chew on. Plus she plays fetch with us most of the time when we have our toys out. For chewing you might want to try the large beef tendons. They are very very yummy & good for your teeth. But be sure to only eat those when your Mama or Papa are around in case you get too anxious & try to swallow a piece that is too big, tee hee. Doggies don't do that do they?? Another good toy is the rope toys, good for cleaning your teeth, although they do eventually get ruined. But that's cause you are basically flossing your teeth with them. They are pretty cheap to buy too. Hope your weather isn't too hot there, it's been really hot up here in Iowa, too hot for us.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Ginger said...

Hi Eduardo! It's nice to meet you - thanks for stopping by my blog. Boy, are you CUTE!!!!

My mom & I haven't updated my blog in a loooong time but I think we're going to post something soon. (right mom?!?!)

Anyroo, I don't know why people get so excited about us pups destroying our toys. That's our job!!! The only one I haven't destroyed is my kong - but not for lack of trying. That sucker is TUFF!

Type to you later cutie!

Nubbin wags,

Gus said... are a cutie...thanks for visiting my bloggie.


Lacy said...

w00f's Eduardo, nice to meeted u, me iz rocky..thanks fur visiting me bloggie...heehee me not tear up pink eyed monster got sum dirt and drool on it, but thats all...

b safe,

Koobuss said...

Hi Ed,

It is alright if I call you Ed? My grandpa's name is Ed, but I call him grandpa. It's nice to know you, Ed.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be happy to be your friend.

Koobuss Kisses,

petbelle said...

Aww I was like you but will grow out of it...thanks for visiting my blog..will added you to my blog..

the 4 Bs said...

hi Eduardo, it's good to sniff you. these are our rules of toys:
1. toys are meant to be destroyed
2. what good are they if you don't destoy them?

our mom found us some super tough toys at we haven't destroyed any of them yet, except for jack the cat. jack the cat was a good cat, but Benson loved him way too much. it was an unhealthy relationship and jack had to die. we were all impressed at how Benson de-stuffed jack, but that's the only toy from that place that has been killed. otherwise they are mostly intact. check it out.


Maya and Kena said...

Hi Eduardo!
Thanks fur visiting our bloggie!!
BOL! We also destroy some of our toys. Maybe you should try rope toys.. we're not sure how strong they are, but to us they are pretty good and we haven't destroyed them... yet.
We'll go ahead and add you to our bloggie friends list too!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

BWTH Dog House said...

Hi Eduardo!! Thanks fpr dropping by my blog, Im gonna add you in my pal list too. Your mom is rock, all toys are meant to be destroy!!! Yeah!!!

slurpy licks,

Lillie Valentine said...

Hi Eduardo-
Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

Ronak said...

Hmm. There are some "indestructible" toys out there - the one I'm thinking about is made from fire hose material. I've seen it on sale at JB Pet Supply.

There must be some method to your madness though, because your baby is cute and looks like it's in pretty good shape! :)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Your mommy sure is nice. I agree that toys are for doggies to destroy. Have you tried a cuz? I heard they're hardy.

~ Girl girl

Faya said...

Hello Eduardo, nice to meet you !
Don't worry, we do all destroy our toys....just ask Jackson the WFT !!! He is the best in destroying toys....
I will add you to my friends !
Kisses, Faya

Mack said...

Hi Eduardo -
So nice to meet you! My mom calls me a blockhead too - And I like to destroy all my toys - so we have a lot in common!!

Lenny said...

Hi Eduardo! Thanks for stopping by my blog. My people got me a "Leo" from I eat my food out of it. You can get a model that is for "Heavy chewers" that is supposed to be indestructible. I haven't destroyed mine yet. :)

Your friend, Lenny

Bella the Boxer said...

Hi Eduardo!! You are a super cute snuggle-puggle...I'm adding you to my "friends" list, too. Stuffies are made for de-stuffing, by the way. However, for some reason I don't destroy my Dr. Noys toys (they're made by Kong, which might explain things.) I have a snake, frog, lamb and duck from them!!

xoxo - Bella

chasingsquirrelswithrusty said...

Hi Eduardo! You know, it is our job to destuff stuffies! What could be more fun? Mom said that a Nylabone is a good toy! I've had myne for a LONG time and it still chews good. You might want to try an Everlasting Fun Ball. Mom puts treats in mine and I haven't chewed off a piece of it yet, I'm trying though.

But stuffies are my all time favorite. They are fun to shake and throw and play tug of war with and destuff. Mom keeps the stuffie skins after I destuff them and they are still fun to play with.


Heartsandhopes said...

Hey eduardo, Im just a random passerby, lol I have a puggle named Acer, he destroys EVERY stuffie and toy i get him, but i was in petsmart one day, and i found some rubbery squeekies

they're those, i guess theyre called latex squeeky toys. Anyhow, The squeekers are broken in all but the Dragon, but theyre all still intact enough to play with, and i bought them about nine months ago.

Comet and BLU said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. It's great to meet you. We love to destroy stuffies. They don't even survive 2 minutes with us! Comet used to chew the hard rubber toys, but never destroyed the really soft rubber/latex ones. We love rope toys and nylabones - it takes us a long time before those are destroyed.
Comet and BLU