Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well Hello!

It's been awhile! We are so thankful for everyones' prayers and love! Mommy and I did take a break for awhile and are not very sure when we will be back, we just want you all to know we misses you and we think of you everyday!
Until later, enjoy this pic of my and my mom way too early in the morn!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Espoleta & Eduardo Update

So we have been very busy in the Johnson household. Espoleta found a great home and is very happy according to her new Mommy. Sorry no kittens yet!

I'm doing better, my jaw is working like a pro. I have gained weight & become sluggish but that was to be expected. We have a vet appointment this February, that's when we will find out the next step. Hopefully I am cured!

As you can see the new tab is up on my tab bar explaining our experience with Eosinophilic Myositis with pictures, this tab will be updated as I continue my life! If you feel anyone needs this information, please feel free to share the link!

Alright everyone, it's nap time for me!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introducing Espoleta...

Hello, I AM ESPOLETA! Say it with me: ES-PO-LE-TA! How do you do? The Crazy Dog boasted of his blogging skills and his many friends and I thought I would steal his blog for today and try to RULE THE WORLD!....I mean...make lots of new friends! I know you all have read my story, so you already know I AM FULL OF NINJAS! Whoops I mean, I am full of kittens! Guess what kind of kittens? If you don't figure it out on your own you'll never be able to SAVE YOUR WORLD! HAHAHAHA! Eh hem...ninja kittens...the best kind of kittens! I believe the Curly Haired Lady likes me, which is good, I feared I would be on the streets forever. Which I could handle! I'm totally tough enough! (Whoa why am I being so defensive?) I wonder if I will be able to stay with the Curly Haired Lady & keep my minions...I mean...kittens! She's always showing me attention you know, the Crazy Dog hates it! MOL! I just bap him upside the head & say, "GET A LONG LITTLE DOGGY!" and he looks at the Curly Haired Lady like, "Really? She HAS to stay?" MOL! Crazy Dog is a fun toy!
So here is my plan, release my minions where they will go on to have more NINJA MINIONS and we will form together to RULE THE WORLD! Teehee...Who will join me?!
p.s. Did you know I was a NINJA?(I could kill you with one paw! HIYA!)

Okay...Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle here: Mommy got a ball full of Catnip for Espoleta & she's been screaming crazy stuff ALL day! Ever since she got that ball she pops out from behind the sofa, & yells "CRAZY DOG!" smacks me, then goes back into hiding. Does catnip do this to ALL cats? Once she stops chasing invisible mice & hollering she's a ninja cat, we'll do a real introduction! Once again, this is not Espoleta blogging, it's the catnip!