Thursday, October 30, 2008


As all the bloggers know my Mommy & Daddy want to get me a sibling, what you do not know is how I feel about it. We are moving into a nice home with a fenced in back yard & Mommy & Daddy thought I would love to have a sibling to play in the back yard with. Maybe we should start at the beginning? When Mommy & Daddy first got me, they got my brother as well his name was Cleatus. I connected with my Mommy & had a lot of problems sharing her, often fighting with Cleatus if he tried to get in on my snuggle time. Of course my Mommy did not approve of this & I was punished, but Cleatus wasn't happy being a inside dog, (it was the beagle in him) He wanted to run & howl, I just wanted to snuggle with Mommy. So Cleatus was given to a home that had lots of land to run. I still have jealousy issues when it comes to my Mommy, when Daddy comes home from work I get very agitated if they hug too long. I don't like my Mommy shows other doggies attention, it makes me so angry! My Mommy & Daddy say that I can't get a sibling until I understand that Mommy does love me & I don't have to be so jealous. Well maybe I don't want a sibling! Does anyone else have jealousy issues with their parents?

Eduardo's Mommy Here: Eduardo's jealousy is not a problem with me & my husband, I mean Eduardo barks for attention but we don't give him attention till he stops barking & that has really toned the jealousy towards Ray down a lot. I mean I'm here with Eduardo ALL day! It's just me & him, I talk to him like I talk to a human just because there is no one else here with me until my husband gets home & I have that connection with him. But Eduardo does not like me to show affection to other dogs, he doesn't bite them he just wiggles his way in & pushes them away! When we move & he has that big yard to play in I thought he may want a brother or sister to play with! But when we went to the petsmart Howl-O-Ween costume contest any dog I went over to & showed affection to he just wasn't having it! Should I ignore him? Should I show him affection? I want him to learn to share me, that I do love him & it's okay. Thank you for any advice!


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

OMD, that's how Sophie is, you have no idea. Since she was with Dixie her whole life though, she only gets a little agitated when Dixie's getting attention, however, Dixie isn't an attention hog. She is very jealous/confused when Harley gets the lap, though! She's just gotten used to it. It makes her work harder and be sweeter :) Maybe a puppy would be best for you, since how can he be jealous/mean to a cute little baby!!??!

Dannan and The Girl said...

The Girl has some thoughts on this, which she'll come back with later, after the press conference and schmoozing. We just wanted to stop by and let you know that there are tons of resources about spaying and neutering on the internet, so if your Mom and Dad want more information before they decide, there's lots out there. And I wanted to tell you, Eduardo, that it's a very low-risk surgery, and you'll only have a bit of discomfort (and maybe a wee bit of pain) for a few days right after. And you may suffer the indignity of the conehead to keep you from licking at the stitches. But both The Girl and I would really encourage you and your pawrents to learn more about it and give it some serious thought. You'll still be snuggly and puggly (BOL)!

Brown dog kisses,

Puglette said...

HI, We had a terrible time with jealousy issues. We had to give Teddy to a new home because he was so jealous of Ollie. Teddy would just bite and fight Ollie, it was awful!! Even in the middle of the night, Teddy would get jealous of something and attack. We are doing much better with one boy and the two girls. Teddy is doing much better too, his new family loves him very much and they have a girl doggie for him to play with. I would suggest only a female for a sibling, no territory issues. That's terrible, marking everything..yuck! Do you know anyone with a girl dog you can borrow for a day?

Happy birthday! I hope you were treated like a princess!

Angus Mhor said...

Eduardo, you're such a good fellow! You know your mom loves you need to be jealous! Her heart is big enough for lots and lots of love.

Eduardo's mom-My mom says that it sounds like The Snuggle Puggle is bein' a little territorial, since he's your alpha dog. Some basic commands might be good to start with, as in "sit, stay, heel" with lots of rewards for positive action and ignoring negative action. Ignoring is a good aversive. Do that over the next couple of months,perhaps at an obedience class and in the spring, during puppy season, you can look into a new family member. Then, we can talk about introductions.

Lacy said...

w00f's Eduardo, hmmm me iz just like does not want anydog else around mama and daddy...mama wants to get me a sibling, but dont think she will till me gets over this feelin...

b safe,

Clover said...

Hi Eduardo,
I love your new header!! I am sorry I don't have some good advice for you - I have all kinds of other issues! BOL!
I hope things get sorted out for you - maybe you would love a baby girl sibling?
Love Clover xo

Kimo and Sabi said...

Some breeds are better off being "only children"

P.S. Happy Belated Purrthday to yer momma.

Gus said...

Gussie's Muzzer here.

We have two dogs, by chance, not by plan. But here are some thoughts. Gussie and Teka are both a little jealous. Fortunately, they have divided their jealousy...Teka is jealous of my husband's affection, and Gussie is "my boy." Both are neutered, which cuts down somewhat on the spats. But I think a boy and a girl might work better, if you are really sure you want another pup. Does Eduardo react the same way to boys and girls, or is he more jealous with boy doggies?


Lorenza said...

Hi, Eduardo!
Sounds like a puppy girl would be better.
Kisses and hugs

The Devil Dog said...

First, the new photo of Eduardo is a hoot. Mom loves it. She laughed out loud. Second, as for jealousy, I am not as bad as Eduardo, but sometimes if mom is petting Lucky. I push Lucky out of the way or get in between them. Overall, though, we get along fine. We were both younger when we were brought together. Does that make a difference?


The Devil Dog said...

First, the new photo of Eduardo is a hoot. Mom loves it. She laughed out loud. Second, as for jealousy, I am not as bad as Eduardo, but sometimes if mom is petting Lucky. I push Lucky out of the way or get in between them. Overall, though, we get along fine. We were both younger when we were brought together. Does that make a difference?


Huskee and Hershey said...

Awww.. That's a problem but you have to admit that Edurado is so very sweet!

How about if you make him do a 'sit' and 'stay' while you pet another dog and rewards him if he 'behaves'? You can then slowly increase the length of time you interact with the other dogs? Just a thought.. I hope this helps.

Huskee does get jealous but not so much towards other dogs. His jealousy is more aimed at my husband and when my husband hugs/ kisses me, Huskee always tries to force his way between us. If I am sitting/ lying down, he'd sit on me until my husband moves away! I always find it so endearing cos it's his way of showing how much he loves me (more than anyone else!!).

Karen Jo said...

I'm afraid I don't have any advice on whether or not you should get Eduardo a sibling. With a big yard to play in, it might work out.

Boo Casanova said...

oh eduardo. jealousy is a sure thing when the new dog arrives. but after a while, you two might be buddy buddy. when dopey first arrived at my home, i bark at him for 2 days. then i finally accepted he's not going anywhere. but it took me few months b4 i stop being nasty at him. lol

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh... I'm sure you'll still get the same love when you have a new sibling Eduardo

~ Girl girl

Simba said...

That will be me. I hate sharing Mummy with baby Mikey. If he is on her lap I want to be on her lap. I do not like other dogs in MY house. I'm sure you'd get use to it after a while. But I don't want to.

Simba x

Maggie and Mitch said...

We both want mom and dad's undivided attention all the time and we get into shouting/barking matches at times! It's part of being a loving family, mom says!
We love your new header, Eduardo!
Happy Halloween!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Rachel said...

Eduardo's Mommy -
I think the issue may have been two fold with Cleatus: 1. They were litter mates 2. They were both un-neutered males

Litter mates are notoriously jealous and aggressive to each other - pack dominance struggles. And of course, any two un-neutered males are going to be aggressive and combative especially when vyiing for attention.
My suggestions, is that if you do get a sibling to 1. Get neutered and 2. Get a female from a different litter or even a different breed.

Any time you get a dog fixed, it cuts down their agression and dominance/territorial issues. Two male dogs together can have these issues even after neutering, so I think getting Eduardo a sister may work out better.

Hope this helps - it would so much fun for Eduardo to have a play mate!

River said...

I am a very jealous boy, too. I will push anyone aside to get to my mom--uh, except Daisy. Everyone avoids her lightning fast bite when she's on my mom's chair. I will turn and howl at someone but I don't fight. I think you should definitely get a girl hound.

love & wags,

Nevis said...

I don't really have any advice...but cute picture!

I have two pugs but we got them together only a month a apart when they were both young puppies so we don't have too many issues.

Petra said...

I'm quite the oppostie of you, Eduardo. My mom and dad were gone for 2 weeks on vacation, and I didn't even wag my tail when they came back (of course, Tad and Fig were there, too, so maybe that's why). I'm content to sit on their laps or by myself on the couch. I guess I'm unaffectionate or independent. Or weird!

Angus Mhor said...

From Angus' mom to Eduardo's mom:

Since Senor Snugglypuggly's had obedience training and still seems to have some "issues" a cat may be a better idea. Especially if it's a kitten or very young cat. My experience is that opposite sexes in species seems to work best-boy dog/girl cat or vice versa. And a youngin' give Eduardo that something he needs as the number 1 furchild. They'll play with each other, sleep together and generally keep each other company..which are all great things!

Good luck!

Faya said...

Faya's Mom here !
I must say I have a lot of chance with Faya. After 3 days she realized that Dyos will stay forever and now I am jalous of the time they spend playing together.... I think you should take a little girl for Eduardo....
Kisses, Véronique

Lux said...

Oh gosh, that's a hard one! We got Luxor as a kitten because we thought maybe Ninna (a senior) would want to mother him. She was alone for several yrs after my other cats passed on.

Nope, she was having none of it. She hissed, batted him and so on. Now she follows him around and would like to be better friends, but he and Silky are inseparable.

If you do, it will probably take a lot of patience.

Lux here: Eduardo, you are so sweet. I appreciate how much you care about my teeth and stuff.


Happy Halloween!

Alasandra said...

We think you would like having a sibling. But you do have to learn to share your Mommy. We have 4 beans although eldest boy bean is off at college sometimes, so we find another bean to play with if Mommy is already taken. Have to admit Mommy is the favourite.

~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Louie is a momma's boy to. He doesn't like it when me or Callie get attention from mom. Of course I don't like Dad even kissing on mom she is mine!!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Moco said...

Sometimes things are better left alone. Maybe you are just the type that does better as an only child. Enjoy your new yard.

Mickey said...


BOO!! Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Joe Stains said...

Siblings are WAY overrated!!

Jen and Duke said...

Hi Eduardo! I'm Duke's Mommy, we just found your blog and wanted to say hi!

We were thinking of getting Duke a sibling too, but now that you mention it, he has wicked jealousy issues too!

Mack said...

You know what, sister Lilly is super jealous whenever mom or dad play with me or Paris. But she's old, and set in her ways. Maybe Eduardo you could go meet a prospective sibling on neutral territory and see if you like him first or not.