Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poor Mommy...

Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged but I've been taking care of my Mommy. My Mommy's epilepsy is acting up & it effects the amount of time she can spend on the computer.

I've tried to snuggle with Mommy to make her feel better, and it worked because I have super snuggle puggle powers!Maybe so more snuggling will make you feel better Mommy?

How about a little more? You can never have enough snuggling!

Thanks to my great snuggling powers Mommy is feeling a little better, but it may be awhile before we can blog again:( Hopefully, if I snuggle with Mommy some more then she will feel great & we'll be blogging by tomorrow!

I have also decided to start a tag! This tag is called: Dance for Somebody! The rules are: State who you are dancing for & why. Post a video or picture of you dancing, (you don't even have to be dancing you can do a trick if you want). It doesn't have to be a new video, Tag at least 3 bloggers!

I'm dancing for my Mommy to make her feel better, to dance her epilepsy troubles away! It's not so much a dance as it is a jump & spin, but mommy is proud that it only took me less than thirty minutes to learn! Also Mommy is kinda loud so you might want to turn the volume down before you watch!

I want to tag Sophie, River, & Roxy the devil dog (because I'm secretly in love with her! Don't tell though!)

I also made this award for everyone who dances for someone they love!


Peanut said...

We hope your mommy feels better soon. You dance very well. We will be here when you come back

Ferndoggle said...

I can dance like that too!! You're too cute Eduardo.

Hope your Mom is feeling better.


Petra said...

Your dancing rocks, Eduardo! Your mom should be dancing with you really soon.

My human Auntie Kay (my mom's sister) has epilepsy and so does Fig (MY boston niece). I hope your mom's meds will help her stabilize and feel back to normal very soon. Give her lots of sloppy kisses, Eduardo!

River said...

Your snuggle powers are pawsome!! What a neat idea to dance for somebody! I do a sort of hunched down tap dance around the other dogs--maybe my mom can capture it on video. My sister Daisy is known as 'Dancin' Daisy' she's so good.

Hope your mommy will feel better soon.

love & wags,

Lacy said...

w00f's Eduardo, me hopes ur mama feels better will haff to git a video of me dancin wiff my daddy..

b safe,

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Eduardo!
We hope your mommy feels better soon! Keep using those snuggle puggle powers!
Wow! You're a great dancer!! And what a great idea fur a tag!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Mack said...

I just know all your snuggling is gonna make mom feel better!

My sister Lilly can dance like nobody's business. I will have to ask mom to video tape it. It's hilarious!

Tatum Tot said...

Snuggles always make hoomans and doggies so much betterz!

Girasol said...

I hope your mom feels better...I bet with your snuggling powers she will be weel soon...i like the dance Eduardo.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We sure hope your mom feels better soon! You look awesome twirling, Eduardo!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

we sure hope your Mom is feeling a lot better soon!!

The Devil Dog said...

You are a very good puggie to dance for your mommy. I hope it made her feel better. I will try to learn to dance for you.


PS I didn't see anything about you being secretly in love with me.
ha ha

Huskee Boy said...

Thanks for visintg my bloggy! I hope we can be friends... :)
I hope your mommy is feeling better soon... hopefully your super snuggle puggle power will work it's magic!
I love your tag!!

Maggie&Bandit said...

We'll dance for you and your mom! It's rained all day, so we were thrilled to have someone to dance for!

And thanks for stopping by our blog, too. Your visit made our day!

Agatha and Archie said...

We hope your Mom feels beter soon! SHe is lucky to have you there helping!! Love A+A

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eduardo!
I am so sorry your Mom is not feeling well but I am sure you are taking good care of her!
Give her kisses and hugs from us, ok?
Good dancing moves!
Have a good night

PS I gave you an award!

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Eduardo

Maybe you should use your snuggling powers on Mom everyday, even when she doesn't need it? :-)



Booker the Treeing Walker said...

That's an awesome dance! Wowwwww you are too cute! I think your cuteness PLUS your snuggleness will do your mom world's of good. Hope she feels better soon. One of our DOG friends has epilepsy and he is doing very poorly lately. None of his meds are working anymore and he can't even come to the dogpark. Keep your Mom good company!

BWTH Dog House said...

I hope your mom feeling better soon and you a snuggle puggle. You look cute dancing around!!

slurpy licks,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I hope your mommy is better now.
You're doing a pawsome job taking care of her

~ Girl girl

Boo said...

Hi Eduardo,

glad your mom is feeling better now.

i don't dance. maybe i can film dopey dances tho.

wet wet licks


Blue said...

Do hope mummy feels better soon, I have another blog friend who has epilepsy. I'm sure your a great comfort to her.
Loved the dance routine & what a good idea for a tag.
Sadly I don't have anyone to dance for me or for me to dance for; but will enjoy watching others have fun.

Pats & pets

Simba said...

Sounds like you are taking great care of your Mummy. Hope she is better soon.

Simba x

Amber said...

Hi there Eduardo! Thank for dropping by my blog! I've linked you hope you wont mind. Your snuggle power definitely help your mom feel better. Hope she gets better real soon :)
What an interesting, fun tag. You dance very well!

~Amber~ :)

the 4 Bs said...

hi Eduardo, we hope your mommy is feeling better very soon. your snuggle powers and dancing abilities will help her a lot! that's a great dance that you learned. you are ready for Dancing with the Stars!


Rachel said...

Hi Eduardo - you most certainly can compete in project dogway! All dogs are welcome!! Just no scary kitty cats! The more the merrier. We will add you to our blog as well - thanks for stopping by!

Aniemother said...

I'll be doing a little snoring (and maybe some dancing) for your mommy, too! You look like a seriously talented snuggler!!


Deetz said...

Thanks for voting Eduardo. You are so good at snuggling. I bet it does make your mummy feel better...I am sorry she has epilepsidy.....I hope she gets to feeling better real soon. I am sure she will with you snugglin with her, I know I would.