Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day At Buddy's!

Alright, yesterday my Mommy & Daddy took me to Buddy's, I was a little shy at first but then I realized it was Buddy & I didn't want to leave. Buddy's Mommy adopted him a baby brother named Bo,(what a cute name), he's a three month old chihuahua! Let me tell you this little puppy didn't want me or Buddy near him! He had me so scared that I hid under the sofa! Mommy & Daddy were laughing but they agreed that Bo is a one tuff chihuahua!

Here is a pic of me saying hey to Bo.

Catch me if you can Buddy!
We stay at Buddy's over four hours & I loved every minute of it! Mommy thinks my confidence level has come up, because this morning I seen a small male doggy & I didn't run! Now Mommy wants to take me to a dog meet up! So everybody, my Mommy spent this morning compiling a movie for everybody to enjoy like I enjoyed yesterday!

When we got home Mommy told me I smelled bad so she made me take a bath! I hate to take baths but this one I didn't mind so much probably because I was so tired!

Then I went to bed!


Bruschi said...

HI Eduardo! I am so glad you had such a great visit with Buddy and friends! No wonder you were so tired, after all that playing!!

Love, Bruschi the Puggle

River said...

You guys can really zoom!! I was getting dizzy watching you. You didn't look scared of anything in the yard. Glad you had such a great visit!

love & wags,

Peanut said...

I glad you had such fun with buddy and maybe he helped you get over your fear a little

Petra said...

Man, you and Buddy can sure run fast! Little Bo looked a little hesitant outside, but it won't be long before he'll be running right beside you guys.

I can see why you were sooooo tired at the end of the day, Eduardo!

Lacy said...

w00f's Eduardo, looks like u shure had a fun time wiff ur friends, Buddy and Bo...heehee all itty bitty dogs iz fiesty...baffs can make u sleepy..

b safe,

Preston said...

Hey Eduardo, looks like you had A LOT of fun with Buddy. You didn't look scared at all. The meet-up will be so much fun! Show your mama that your could be a alpha dog too!


The Devil Dog said...

That sounds like a good day, Eduardo. Hope you have more great visits with your friend Buddy.


Maggie & Mitch said...

What a great time you had with Buddy and Bo! We loved the video!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Agatha and Archie said...

We are so glad you had a good time and all went well!! We loved the video too!! PL2 doesn't like dog runs..She says it is becuase of the people not the dogs!!(they don't watch the dogs.....) Love and kisses A+A

Lorenza said...

Hola Eduardo!
I got tired just watching you two running around the yard!
Glad you had a great time with Buddy!
Kisses and hugs

Simba said...

Dropping by to say hello. Hope you had a great weekend.

Simba x

Xsara ... said...

hello eduardo,
thank you for visiting our blog. we are so glad that you had a nice day visiting your friend and that you are not too shy any more. we will definitely visit your blog again!
hugs from Slovenia, B&X

Clover said...

Hi Eduardo!

You are such a cute snuggle puggle. I am glad you had fun with Buddy and Boo! If I ever get a brother, mom wants to call him Boo.

Here is the link to my post where I ring the bell. (It's at the end of the post.)
Does your bell look like mine? It is fun to ring. Mom and Dad just got me to jump up to where the bell is every time they were taking me out. Then eventually I started ringing it myself. Have a look:

Love Clover xo

Sophie said...

Hi Eduardo! My, you are a handsome boy! I added you to my blog! Thanks for adding me!

Sophie the Puggle

Cubby said...

I'm sorry you had to have a bath - mean!

Simba said...

Cute! you guys look like fun!!